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Cogmap: The Idea

Let me talk a minute about how I came up with the idea for people that are interested in that sort of thing. Everyone loves the idea of user-generated content because it creates value without a lot of overhead. I will write a lot more about that later. I think of myself as a B2B guy, not a consumer guy, so I was trying to think about that specific area. Being kind of a sales guy, I started looking at challenges that sales people face and voila: the idea for CogMap sprang into my head!

Key influences:

  • Evan Lock – A sales guy at IBM that had to keep org charts of his accounts. Hearing his tales of org chart maintenance made me think: “There has to be a better way!”
  • The list market – The bane of my existence. High prices for bad data. Only the big companies get access. What do the entrepreneurs do?
  • Josh Kopelman’s post on reshaping markets: A thoughtful post and a good idea!

One Response to “Cogmap: The Idea”

  1. Gary ONeal Says:

    I have set up an account 4 times and open id once. Each time I am told I am loged in> when I locate the company I am searcing for and click on that name i am prompted to sign again. When I do I am told that it is not a valid name and or password. How do get out of this loop?
    I really need this information
    Gary ONeal