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Why doesn’t LinkedIn have APIs?

Yes, I know that magical LinkedIn integration would be kind of cool.  LinkedIn shows social relationships, Cogmap show organization relationships.  There is probably synergy.  Having said that, if integration just means a field in our system where you paste a LinkedIn URL for a person, we aren’t going to do that because it is lame.

Post your ideas for how we should do it as comments.  LinkedIn can contact me directly if they want to do something.  :-)

One Response to “Why doesn’t LinkedIn have APIs?”

  1. dave Says:

    good question! a whole slew of companies would go crazy for this…eventually they’ll do something, but it may be more limited so that they can control the use of the date (my gut tells me so, nothing specific)…however, i served as an advisor to for a while and i think you oughta ping them about some way to feed traffic to one another – for every name on your org charts, there is zero current contact information – and linkedin does not have that contact info, only jigsaw (that i know of)…

    as for forbes, well, i know you read my own post over at, and i’m glad to see you guys really rocking and rolling with this thing…