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Who loves OpenCoffee?

I love the whole OpenCoffee idea. Who doesn’t want to hang out with like-minded people and make some new friends?  I think congregating techies is one of the best things that can happen in the world.  I keep thinking about trying to start one in the Baltimore area. Leave a comment or ping me if you are interested.

One Response to “Who loves OpenCoffee?”

  1. Mark Smalley Says:

    Am trying to contact someone at CogMap about removing data we added a long time ago when you first started as a way of testing the service…

    The person I listed as CEO for our start-up company is working with another organisation and is coming-up on the first page of Google as the CEO of our little start-up company.

    Please get in contact with me using the email address listed for this blog post as I am unable to find any form of contact page anywhere throughout any of your sites…