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Joost invites?

I have Joost invites if anyone wants to see how to build a web start-up worth billions before it is even publicly available.  Build or give a good update to an organization chart and point to it in a comment here and I will email it to your Cogmap account email address!

Joost will let us invite our friends – Our friends are part of the Cogmap community!

10 Responses to “Joost invites?”

  1. Ron Says:

    Can I please get an invite to Joost? I’m very interested in seeing Internet TV flourish.

  2. brent Says:

    Read the email! Can’t a site run a simple Joost for Maps payola scandal anymore? I’m very interested in seeing Cogmap flourish.

  3. Luca Says:


    I’m interested in getting an invite to Joost. Would you please help me? ;)

    Thansk! :)


  4. brent Says:

    People read “Joost invites” and then become unable to read further due to the spasm of joy? This is a simple bribe!

  5. Chuck Hardwick Says:

    Bribe or carrot? My employer pays me to come to work. Is that
    a bribe or a salary? I prefer the term paycheck to bribe!

  6. noah Says:


    Can I get a joost invite? THANKS!

  7. noah Says:

    I thought my name was going to be hyper linked to my e-mail.

    My e-mail is

  8. Bryant Says:

    Can I please get a joost invite? Thanks.

  9. brent Says:

    Holy inability to follow instructions, Batman. Chuck seems like the only person that actually read the post and didn’t have all of his neurons suddenly misfire when he read the word “Joost”.

    Of course, I think Chuck misreads the situation. Don’t post information that will get you fired! You don’t know anyone that works anywhere else? Aren’t you a sales guy? I see you on LinkedIn, you could do! The top people in that organization are public knowledge, they just need to be mapped.

    Some of our best members have edited dozens of charts. It is not that hard to contribute.

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