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Organization Chart API: XOXO XML charts!

UPDATE: Massive changes to this:

Organization Chart Data is accessible as an XOXO document by calling a URL formatted as<CHART ID>

xoxo.php returns a nested set of unordered lists that describes the organization. Each listed item also contains several pieces of metadata associated with the list. The format is:

<li><a href=”profile.php?id=<personID>”> <FirstName> <LastName> </a> <dl> <dt>Title</dt> <dd><TitleValue></dd> <dt>CogID</dt> <dd><personID></dd> </dl>

  • personID: the ID in Cogmap’s database
  • FirstName: Person’s first name
  • LastName: Person’s last name
  • TitleValue: Person’s title
  • The title of the document is the chart’s name.

So here is an awesome example: XOXO No Inc Chart!

Hopefully this starts to satisfy the data-consumers out there like Stamen Design, who were emailing ideas for how to implement this virtually from launch.

Let the gobbling of organizational data begin! Make sure you post something here or send us email if you do something cool.

4 Responses to “Organization Chart API: XOXO XML charts!”

  1. Chris Messina Says:

    And don’t forget the hcards and XFN within those XOXO lists!!

  2. brent Says:

    We aren’t super sure about XFN here. Not sure how we would render the data in our charts other than say that everyone in a chart is a colleague of everyone else, which is lame.

    Tell us what we are supposed to do!

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