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Do advertisers want widgets?

Hilariously, I once again cannot resist commenting on Jeremy’s widget monetization post. This makes me think about the last post I did about Jeremy’s last post discussing facebook widget monetization.

The key thing that I still want to see is that these ad opportunities are valuable to advertisers. Can we distribute “another 300×250” across these widgets and expect to get decent RPMs? I know advertising is the only revenue model that people actually have faith in today, but I haven’t actually seen anyone pull that off yet. Are we really talking about CTRs and subsequent page views on the site of the widget owner? Not as interesting a business for anyone I think. If we are talking about widget views, are we talking about an ad popping up right away? If so, do people actually want that widget? I bet it gets displaced by a widget that doesn’t do that. If not, do advertisers want that advertising?

I think building a widget business is hard to do. I look forward to someone doing it because it will shed some real insight into how to do it. Photobucket did it (not really?), I guess?

And $60,000 exits don’t count. That is a declaration of “not success” in my mind.

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