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Should Little Guys Do Phone Interviews?

So, the other day, as part of my day job, I got interviewed by the Behavioral Insider.  It was a phone interview, and as typical, after reading it I thought I sounded like a bit of a dork.  (Although I love the comments on it so far: “Great article.”, “I totally agree that this is simply a brilliant article.”)

This made me wonder: Should people ever agree to do phone interviews?  Seth Levine just last week said he would never make that mistake again.  And of course, Brad Feld said, “Duh”.  And the whole world probably remembers Jason Calcanis’ and Dave Winer’s blow up with Wired.  So based on this we know that talking to reporters makes them happy and ensures your misery.

But we are trying to build “Brand You”!  We need to talk to reporters and get our voice heard.  Unfortunately, I suspect this is not like the pentium (any press is good press).  Your brand for life is being built based on a conversation where everything you said is sliced, diced, and filtered to build a story.

I dunno, I love to get my opinion out there, but it would be a lot better if I could craft an email and control the development of the story.  Also, probably much like all of these guys, the way I express myself on paper is a little more formal than the way I express myself conversationally.  As something gets transmuted into a written article, the formal exercise of documentation ensures a clearer, better understood answer.

Love to get more thoughts on this.

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