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What’s up with Cogmap printing

I get emails once a week asking about printing org charts on Cogmap and why it is excruciating. Based on that, I wanted to offer up some clarifications on what the deal is:

  1. Most browsers only support printing a certain number of pixels wide of content, so very wide org charts get cut off by the browser.
  2. We do have a very nice print.css that lays out the boxes. The only way we could shrink the width of org charts would be to compress the boxes to the point of illegibility. We don’t do that.

We would love ideas in this area, or even better, send us better print.css files! We know hackers are out there. Thanks.

3 Responses to “What’s up with Cogmap printing”

  1. Ed Callahan Says:


    I use this great tool – Snag-It to screen scrape stuff and then put it out in various forms (pdf, jpeg, just print it, etc).

    I tried to use the capture a scrolling page feature of Snag-It to capture a map for printing, but it only scrolls vertically and I didn’t get the whole map.

    Maybe you should speak with these folks about a solution for Cogmap. This appears to be there area.

    They are (I forgot to look to see if they have an org chart in CogMap. BTW, Cogmap’s org chart is very useful (I don’t know the emoticon for “tongue-in-cheek”:)


  2. Peggy Devereux Says:

    I have just started working on this site. My purpose in using Cogmap’s org chart is to improve on a presentation for a class. When viewing the chart on the screen, it shows all the lines connected properly. When showing print preview, there is a disconnect. No line shows for one of the subordinates being attached to the CEO and one of the lines is missing on one of the squares. What’s up with this? I am not very suavy when it comes to understanding software beta versions, etc. Has anyone else noticed this?


  3. Brent Says:

    So the problem here is not really so much the site as it is the way that your browser handles this site. Unfortunately, the way that browsers tend to translate such DOM-layout intensive sites tends to be haphazard.

    As Ed suggests, I recommend screenshots for a classroom presentation. Use the “Esc” key to put the site in full-screen mode. That will probably help.