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My analysis of “Who’s Now”

Who’s Now“, ESPN’s event to figure out who is the most “now”, has been pretty thoroughly ripped in the media.  Do I think it is dumb?  Yeah, probably.  Figuring out what “now” means is pretty dumb, and I assume it means something like “Who is the most popular person at this instant”, which is definitely not a contest I think about a lot.

Having said all of that, I want to break down the contest for you and predict my winner based on rigorous anti-science:

  1. First, let me start by saying that the beginning was also the end.  LeBron and Tiger had the highest votes of anyone in the first round, crushing their competitors, and now they are in the finals.  In fact, Tom Brady was the only person who #1 seed to not make it to the semi-finals and was also the only person who had the most votes in his bracket to make it through.  You expect #1 to cream #8, but the degree of creaming told the tale of the tape.  Peyton, LeBron and Tiger slaughter their #8 and cruise to the finals.  Tom barely beats David Ortiz and gets tripped up by Shaq in the semi-finals.
  2. Only two upsets would really have mattered.  If you look at places where people came close to winning without winning, only two of them makes a big impact.  Tony Parker upset Federer, but if Federer had won, Shaq would have gotten him next round.  Jeter beat Reggie Bush, but if Bush had pulled it out, LeBron would have crushed him.  Here are some ideas though: If TO had beaten A-Rod, then he would have faced off with Kobe.  Bad boys that bring it on game day.  The closest defeat was LT over Beckham in the first round.  If Beckham wins, he faces Nash and the winner then faces Tiger.  If LT had lost, its a different contest but Tiger still wins out.  The next closest defeat was Shaq over Phelps.  If Phelps wins, then it is Phelps vs Parker to see which underdog gets his clock cleaned by Brady.  Shaq actually defeated Brady, so that is a big swing.
  3. Parker’s upset and Shaq defeating Tom Brady are the only events in the contest where a lower seed advanced.  Federer being seeded #2 was clearly a bad decision by the committee that failed to recognize how “now” Shaq is (#3 seed).

I am sure that is more than you ever wanted to know about “Who’s Now”.

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