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Name-based APIs

UPDATE: All of this has been deprecated:

New features for programmers trying to do things with Cogmap: Name-based map identification! It works like this:

  1.<Name of Company> will return either the map of that page or a page to create a new chart.
  2.<Name of Company> will return either the XOXO XML document of the organization structure of that company or a 404 error.
  3.<Name of Company> will return the unique identifier of the chart ID for that company or a 404 error.

Here is an example for Google:
This will allow programmers to integrate applications much more easily. If you want to use our chrome and make it easy for people to extend and update maps, just direct them to our pages with nameapi.php. If you are trying to consume Cogdata but want to capture it using names, then xoxonameapi.php will make it easy to access our data structure using only the names of companies.

The name field, because it is editable in the wiki, is a less reliable field than the unique identifier we assign each map. If you want to create static links to specific maps, it is better to use that maps chart ID. If you wanted to spider the site for all the chart IDs and map names, the best way to do that would probably be to consume and parse the alphabetical list:

For the numbernameapi.php, if a chart exists, it returns the number (CHART ID) of that chart, which could then be used to call the chart page (<CHART ID>) or the XML document (<CHART ID>).

Definitely shoot us emails if you build public applications using this. We love to share whatever SEO juice we have.

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