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Google – not an ad industry company?

paidContent dares to say that Google is a non-ad industry company. How do they make their money?

Update: Rafat says they meant “Google isn’t an ad agency”.  We shall see!  I heart paidContent.

2 Responses to “Google – not an ad industry company?”

  1. Rafat Says:

    The post meant not coming from ad industry background, meaning not an agency. Not that Google doesn’t offer ad services or gets money from advertising…

  2. brent Says:

    Hmmm, non-ad industry is kind of a vague term. I imagine the ad industry includes media companies. Agencies seem like they would be part of the ad industry, with media companies being another part. Having said that, I love paidContent, so I am inclined to give Rafat the benefit of the doubt. And of course, he found his way here even without trackbacks!