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Liveblog from TechCrunch40

The first morning session was “Search”.  Everyone agrees that CastTV seems like good video search, but frankly, I realize that search is not that big a deal to me.  I guess the moral of the story is that search does not currently feel like a problem to me.

For that matter, I have to say that my time walking the DemoPit made me cry.  Do we need 35 more photo sharing sites?  This is another area where I feel no pain.  As they tried to explain to me how great this product was, I thought: “Instead of coming here and talking to geeks, go down to the Ferry Building and sell this to consumers.”  The differences between most of these products and the products with marketshare seem so small it feels unlikely that they are exploiting a sufficiently large pain point to cause people to shift.

I remember at the first Internet World, how cool everything seemed.  Am I jaded now or are start-up ideas not as cool?

The mobile session seems better.  I like the Cubic Telecom guys and Yap, but not so much that I would quit my job to do it.

Some of these companies are really early, but the stuff either seems like it won’t quite work well enough to hit an inflection point or it doesn’t work so well/isn’t quite so differentiated that I will stop doing what I do now to go use it.  Demos that blow up, which has happened twice, have left Calcanis scrambling to cover them.

Yahoo demoed a “concept that is not live yet” that provides social networking tools for teachers.  I think it would have been better received if it was live or if we were teachers.

More after lunch.

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