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TechCrunch – Ongoing Demonstrations

Maybe I am kind of biased by reading Valleywag, but this is not as good as the Web 2.0 conference last year, even though I am sitting in the exact same seat!  Here is my theory for why: Web 2.0 – invitation only, 600 of the best and brightest.  TechCrunch – 140 Start-ups, so that’s 250 or so people from very very small companies.  During session breaks, I have only recognized a few people that are not on panels or presenting: Seth Goldstein and Chris Fralic being the most notable.  At Web 2.0, I sat next to Mary Meeker.  That is kinda the bomb!

Highlights so far: Loved MusicShake and Flock.  Loved Cake Financial.  DocStoc is interesting.  A repository for document sharing, which reminds me of Cogmap, but they make the cardinal mistake of requiring login to see documents available to share.  That will kill traffic faster than anything.

AOL has awesome t-shirts they are giving away.  It is crazy how great their schwag is.  Best schwag here.

Mark Zuckerberg just started the Facebook Venture Fund.  Haha, this isn’t a fund, it just gives away money.  How great is that.  I love it.  So aggressive!  $10m they just hand out to people they like.

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