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Day 2 TechCrunch: Better start!

First company to present is Xobni, the best presentation I have seen so far. I instantly went and downloaded their product. They are a First Round company, so more proof that those guys are smart. Still, I wonder how a business like that builds a revenue model and/or exits? What company buys a Microsoft Outlook plug-in?

It really sucked to be Orgoo and have to follow them with a product that didn’t seem nearly as sexy.

Mint was also this morning and was cool (another First Round company!). I am going to make my wife, the manager of the family budget, try Cake Financial and Mint (and Wesabe, I guess) and see if either one makes our lives better.

Once again, First Round hijacks a conference by renting another room at the Palace Hotel for throwing parties. Jason Calcanis bitches about it, but you can’t deny it works. First Round demonstrates that they have some unique strategies to add real value to their businesses. And Josh is the supreme idea guy/marketer.

I also think you see Josh’s influence in the demo’s that his companies give.  Very similar in style, they are super-rehearsed, they are movies (ie not live pointing and clicking), and extremely tight and well-scripted but still tangible demos of the platform.  I assume a key part of this strategy is to take the murphy’s law out of the demo and ensure that the companies put their best foot forward.  This is a great example of “the little things” that they add value in and allow their portfolio companies to be super successful.

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