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I heart XTR3D

What a cool demo I just saw.  They hook a camera up to a laptop and have defined an API to let actions that the camera sees affect an application.  So he is able to make a fist and move it around in front of the camera and use that to control Google Earth and other applications like Powerpoint or boxing video games.

It’s totally “Minority Report” technology.  I love it.

One Response to “I heart XTR3D”

  1. James Says:

    Sounds like a logical extension from Surface (and the open source Linux equivalent).

    I was in a debate with a number of game developers out at a conference about how technology like this (Surface in particular at the time) could completely change gaming in a few years as it becomes more accessible.

    We’ll see if they’re smart enough to have started thinking about how to adapt things to this type of user control.