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New cogscores!

Just rolled out a new feature: cogscores!  Check out an example by looking at anyone’s cogprofile – for example, you could look at rpeters59‘s cogprofile, you can see that he has made a number of maps, some of which are a pretty good size, and his cogscore reflects his contributions to the cogmunity!  (My, we are feeling coggy today!)

So here we are implementing a bunch of the things that people say make sites more social-ish.  First profiles, now scoring.  LSVP, my site of choice for linking love, has a slew of good posts pointing to other posts on this.

Obviously, there is the potential to game the system to get points.  The initial implementation of this is super simplistic, but we will ramp up the complexity over time to factor quality, popularity of maps, and some other interesting metrics into the mix.  For now, build lots of big maps and you will be a winner.

Our help page explains the awesome benefits of point accumulation: not too much.

Many new features on the way.

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