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Cogmap adds subscription, metadata, and awesomeness!

A wave of new code has been unleashed, incrementing the version number to 11! No question, these are some of the biggest new features since our launch last year.

New features include:

  • Subscribe to changes in maps (You are automatically subscribed to maps you edit) via email
  • Send charts to friends without being logged in
  • Metadata about maps – City, State, Country & SIC Code are now captured. I will do some super fun stuff with that very soon
  • Search has been tweaked a bit

When you add this to the sweet new scoring system, we are creating a simple but broader data framework to let us offer a sweet new wave of functionality.

Update: We have abandoned SIC codes for the 2007 NAICS list (using only 2 and 3 digit codes to keep the file size down).  Is there a better list of industry types that is still standards-based-ish?

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