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Blogging about topical topics is hard

Great post by Susan Mernit discussing how hard it is to blog about work because there are risks.

This is definitely an interesting challenge.  Personally, I have tried to avoid blogging about my personal life here, although I could easily fill gigs of disc with that stuff.  (i.e. I am not being Ayako.)  That leaves professional interests, without my actual professional work in many instances.  I have reached to give my opinion on some industry topics, but generally, a tiny fraction of what I see going on gets commented on.

I am probably the most visible person that works for my employer blogging on issues that are remotely related to our business/industry, and no one really knows who I am, so that says something.  Notice how I self-censor and do not mention my day job employer in this post due to the risk of SERPs, although virtually everyone who probably reads this blog knows all too well.

The result is a lot of posts about Cogmap coding by me, a lot of posts about Macs by Rob, and a lot of posts about WordPress by Matt.  And those are the bloggers in my department.  What are we all working on day-to-day?  Couldn’t be further from this stuff.

I also think this is what kills the blogging efforts of some of my co-workers.  Between not blogging about what you ate for breakfast, and not blogging about what you worked on all day, sometimes blogging can be a grind.  Jon and Greg are good examples of people struggling to overcome this, I imagine.

This is probably why so much of the Internet is people blogging about blogs…

P.S.  I got pointed to Susan’s blog post by Greg Yardley, and yet there is no trackback.  Is that his mistake, poor blogging software, or something else?  Trackbacks are the essence of the Internet!

4 Responses to “Blogging about topical topics is hard”

  1. Greg Says:

    Not sure why the trackback to Susan tanked. Definitely nothing intentional on my part, and the blogging software’s a standard & up-to-date WordPress installation. Retrying.

    If you sent a trackback to me for that link, I just haven’t moderated it yet. I had one really popular entry about Google click-to-call over a year ago and since then I get huge amounts of spam, including trackback spam.

  2. brent Says:

    Hmm, maybe Susan is still moderating her trackbacks as well. Moderating trackbacks is a pain, albeit required if you get a lot of trackback spam, because when people are reading the new hot news, they want to see the complete discourse across the network. Ack. I guess I hope my blog is never so popular that I need to moderate yet not popular enough that I can’t get someone to do it for me.

    Maybe I should start some sort of .company that uses Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to moderate comment and trackback spam for people? I could charge $0.02 per spam and pay out a penny? Very Bazaarvoice.

    P.S. Of course, one of my buddy’s, Rob Deichert, formerly now AOL, just posted on his blog that he is going to try to get going again. ( He talks about how he is planning to blog about setting up Google Apps for his co-op. Like I said, finding non-personal life, non-professional life topics is a pain.

    P.P.S. Part of the fun of blogging is having random Net.celebrities suddenly show up and comment on your blog. I met Greg for two seconds once, I read his blog all the time, and now he comments on mine! Kinda cool! How do we know he is a net.celeb? He gets huge amounts of comment and trackback spam!

  3. Cogblog Says:

    Posting posts in comment threads…

    Greg Yardley actually came and commented on a post peripherally about him and then I proceeded to spew all over the comments with a bunch of different topics.  Make sure you go read the last posts comment thread!
    If you like my mechanical turk idea an…

  4. Ayako Says:

    Haha,it’s funny since my very first blog is such a girly personal “room”. I guess I have no shame and well many people who visit my site don’t know who I actually am. I could me a man, grandpa, or alien… At this point, I am not blogging about my professional interest since I am still learning and searching. Maybe I will start after I am done with my school next year. I have 1 more URL I could buy/fill, so more to come – and that’s going to be online ad related blog :)