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PR Thoughts

We here at Cogmap have been hard at work on the next generation of Cog-ness.  It will be a fearsome release with a wave of features guaranteed to rock the org charting universe.

With this in mind, we have been wanting to figure out how to make a little PR splash.

I went on the Internet to hear some good council on how to get awesome PR without spending any money.  There were many, many articles about how to not upset bloggers.  Let’s assume that you are like me: Familiar with bloggers that cover my industry, know how to send emails, etc.  The real question is what is the best thing to do with this little knowledge.

I found two articles that I felt like were very illuminating and I wanted to give them a little link juice love:

Alex is very focused on “hire a PR firm” and “launch at an event”, which I won’t do for these reasons:

  • We do not give away equity in the mighty Cogmap nor do we have any money, which limits our scope of innovation.  More importantly, the reasons that we have these policies limit the interest a PR firm would have in partnering.
  • Launching at an event is the kind of thing that may compromise other things I do.  While I might like to demo the new, pimped out Cogmap, I am not sure it is appropriate.

Regardless, great tips and interesting reading if you are trying to figure out how to get the word out for your Web 2.0 site.

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