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Google Open Social seems to open suck

OK, that was an intentionally provocative title and overstates the case, but still, I haven’t had a lot of fun with this!

If I was Uncov, I would have to figure out a way to say, “FAIL”.

Google has gotten a ton of coverage for rolling out their Social Graph API. (No link to the original Google post because blogger trackbacks are incomprehensible and I protest them.)

Theoretically, the Social Graph API is a slam dunk for Cogmap.  For each person in charts, I can show their Social Graph, allowing you to explore how you may know people at a company, how they know each other, etc..

Anyway, here are my issues:

  1. It appears inserting URLs with query strings doesn’t work right in the API?  I tried escaping special characters and it continued to puke.  For example, I wanted to set the query string to a Cogmap profile, of the format:  Unfortunately, the Google documentation doesn’t explain what you should do in such a situation.
  2. I know URIs are convenient because they are keys, but I want to be able to query the Social Graph with whatever information I have (in this case, ideally, name, company, title, maybe email) and get results, but Social Graph only accepts URIs and emails.

The result is that Social Graph is kind of weak!  It neither accepts my URIs nor takes other information I have that could be used to generate a Social Graph.


Anyway, I am at FOWA today, maybe I will look for Kevin Marks.

— brent

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