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How do you manage your email?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I was inspired by Jackson Wilkinson’s post about email.  I am very fond of my email process, have spent a bunch of introspective time thinking about it and want to share it.  Then I challenge everyone to blog their own or post a comment describing their process and its pros and cons.

I use Outlook, so I delete (send to the trash) every email that comes in and requires no action after I read it.  My outlook inbox typically has about 20 messages in it at any given time and they are messages that have to-do’s associated with them.  When it gets done, it gets deleted.  I never, never, never empty my trash.

For context, I am currently averaging about 75 emails per day.

Each quarter, I create a new archive folder and put all of the deleted emails and all of my sent mail from that quarter in it.

Why not just put them in the archive folder?  Because I like using the keyboard to navigate mail and hitting the delete button is so damn easy!

This process does not work with my online mail because Yahoo constantly randomly empties my trash and Google empties my trash every 30 days.

This annoys the living crap out of me and I am still trying to find a good process for managing my online email.  I have tried similar processes, but I hate having to highlight and drop and drag email.  It is so much easier to hit the delete button.

What I don’t like about Jackson’s process is that you can’t tell what email still needs to be acted on.  My inbox is historically my to-do list, so keeping it small and neat is key for me and makes me feel good about things.

Random blog posts that saved me a bunch of time

Friday, February 1st, 2008

That saved me about a jillion years, in case anyone cares.

Facebook apps monetize poorly compared to Facebook

Friday, February 1st, 2008

So everyone in the world is reporting that Facebook had an all-hands where they talked about 07 results. 2007 revenue: $150m.

I went on comScore and tried to figure out total page views. According to comScore (frequently cited as under-reporting): ~167b page views.

So the effective RPM of Facebook pages is theoretically: ~$0.89?

In the big scheme of things, that is neither here nor there. What I find really interesting is this other TechCrunch post: Lookery guarantees 12.5 cent CPMs for Facebook apps

That implies that this ad network is doing a much poorer job than Facebook of monetizing relatively similar inventory. Yow! Obviously, the next step is to drill down to the performance of the inventory, but I am bound by a variety of contractual pieces of paper to not discuss my findings here!

Update: More celebrity sightings!  Scott Rafer critiques my critique in the comments and then I agree with everything he says, which don’t deny my earlier points.  Definitely click through your RSS feed and read all about it.  Alas, he didn’t create a Lookery chart on Cogmap, so I had to.

It is always cool when people, whose blog you read, suddenly read yours for a moment.