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Cogmap APIs

UPDATE: Significant changes have taken place. Here is the latest:

This is a unified post to point to all of our APIs. Each title links to more comprehensive documentation.

XOXO Organization Charts

Every Cogmap org chart is available as an XOXO document.

Organization Chart Data is accessible as an XOXO document by calling a URL formatted as<CHART ID>

xoxo.php returns a nested set of unordered lists that describes the organization. Each listed item also contains several pieces of metadata associated with the list:

  • personID: the ID in Cogmap’s database
  • FirstName: Person’s first name
  • LastName: Person’s last name
  • TitleValue: Person’s title
  • The title of the document is the chart’s name.

Name-based APIs

  1.<Name of Company> will return either the map of that page or a page to create a new chart.
  2.<Name of Company> will return either the XOXO XML document of the organization structure of that company or a 404 error.
  3.<Name of Company> will return the unique identifier of the chart ID for that company or a 404 error.

hCards & vCards

  1. Every profile page is actually an hCard. Munch it, crunch it, consume it.
  2. You can download vCards easy too.<ID of Profile>

Newsfeed API

  1. Consume your newsfeed!<your screen name> returns an XOXO XML document of your newsfeed. This makes it easy to turn your newsfeed into something consumed by other applications. Here is my newsfeed as an example.

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