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Details on some of our new Cogfeatures

Besides amazing APIs and private maps, what did we do?

In case you were wondering:

  • A new homepage
  • Country, State, NAICS code and Alphabetical listings of all of the maps
  • Double-clicking a person zooms in on that person and exposes editing tools
  • Coglinks! (An example is here)
  • Dozens of bugs fixed
  • Comments! Here is a little about how comments work:
    • Simple, unthreaded comments associated with each chart
    • Comments show up right away but are queued for moderation
    • Upon moderation, accepted comments are sent to map subscribers
  • How do Private Charts work?
    • When you create a private chart, you are added to the access control list. You cannot be removed from accessing this chart.
    • You add email addresses to your access control list. When you add someone, they are sent an email. The chart shows up in their “My Cogmap”. If they sign up using another email address, they cannot access the chart.
    • Anyone who has access to a chart can add or delete people’s access to a chart.
    • If someone goes to a chart that they don’t have access to, they can have an automated email sent to the chart owner requesting to be added to the Access Control List.
  • Related charts was built using Vogoo’s Slope One open source implementation
  • Improved login code pretty substantially.
  • Sped up adding people to maps significantly (so cool and fast, we are actually highlighting it, which is weird)
  • Livesearch works
  • RSS feed more explicitly exposed to audience (via icon on chart page)
  • Dozens of minor bug fixes and usability improvements

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