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Ad Sales Reps: No two are alike

Post on Silicon Alley Insider that made me actually click through for the comments: Ad Sales Reps, supposedly scarce, are a dime a dozen.

My immediate reaction to this was a) Great, you can hire the worst sales people from Yahoo and AOL, no problem.  That’s encouraging.  b) Is the guy that was having success (or struggling, assuming he is not the top guy) selling Yahoo’s home page going to be the guy that monetizing  The brand difference is pretty big.

The first sales guy I ever hired worked at Netscape and went from selling Netscape to selling our neverheardofit product.  He failed miserably.  He was used to people taking his calls because he was from Netscape.  He was used to having good lead flow because he was from Netscape.  People called him.  It was a different kind of sale.

You have to have sales people that are appropriate to the life-cycle of your business.

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