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Minor metadata bug for last 20 hours

For the last 20 hours, there was a database configuration error that caused the loss of historical metadata created during that period.  Any historical versions of charts created in the last 20 hours have the same metadata as the most recent version.  There were database problems every time metadata associated with charts was archived.  This means that while there was probably never a serious data loss (the most recent information for every chart was always displayed and updated), when looked at historically, new “archived charts” created in the last 20 hours may have incorrect metadata (it is the same as the most recent version).

This bug was introduced during database configuration changes made as production systems were prepped for future Cogmap releases.

We apologize for any key data loss, although we hope, given the obscure nature of this bug, that this did not inhibit any day-to-day cogmappery.

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