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How many people are in Cogmap Organization Charts?

We thought it would be fun to do some analysis of Cogmap data and talk about the results.  Specifically, we wanted to see whether being public or private had any effect on map size.  Here is a chart showing the ratio of maps with a given number of people in them to the total amount of a given map type:

The black line represents public maps, the red line is private maps.  The end result is that public maps tend to be slightly larger than private maps.  The median private map has 6 people.  The median public map has 8.  The top quartile of public maps has 18+ people, private maps top quartile has 16+ people.

If I had to hypothesize why this is true, I would credit the larger community at work on public maps, resulting in more data.  Want a better map?  Make it public!

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