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Baltimore OpenCoffee May 19th!

6181 Old Dobbin Lane Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21045

Phone: 410-953-6311

(The Cosi opens at 9am, so don’t come early)

Cosi was selected because it has free wireless, so bring your laptop and be ready to demo your stuff!

Drinks are plentiful, food not so much.  Maybe eat before you come.

Please circulate to the appropriate audience. The goal is to keep it smaller rather than bigger, so forward with consideration. Shoot me back an email if I should add you to an email reminder list. Also, given that we are just getting started, a quick email to tell me if inviting you hit the right audience would be inordinately valuable.

Our initial invite list is hopefully a nice combination of coders, business people, and investors, so theoretically we should have a diverse and interesting audience.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you!

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