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Notes from the undercog

Couple of thoughts I wanted to get out there:

  1. Great quote: George Foreman, Muhammad Ali’s opponent in the famous “Rope a Dope” fight, once recalled that after he pounded Ali with body shots for the first several rounds Ali asked him, “Is that all you got?” Foreman remembered thinking to himself, “Yeah, that’s about it” right before Ali knocked him out.
  2. Split testing on technology deployments and feature evolution is critical to the success of big web sites. Google’s stuff is discussed here:
  3. I always talk about wedding books like this: The reason you see such a profusion of celebrities writing books about organizing a wedding is that after you do your wedding, you think you have learned a bunch of stuff about how to do it that you weren’t told when you started, and thus the world needs to hear your message. Hence, celebrities write wedding books: They think they now know some big secrets because they figured out stuff people didn’t tell them and they have access to people that would publish their book. I recently realized the same is true of site SEO. I have spent a bunch of time on SEO, so I now think I am an SEO expert. As the four hour work week proves, it isn’t that hard to become an expert in anything. Or at least sound like one. Expert is such a relative thing.

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