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Chris Messina forces shipment of Cogmap 2.1.4

A boring update long-overdue gets pushed live prompted by Chris Messina finding bugs in our OpenID implementation.

On the one hand, I tout our OpenID stuff as being interesting because we do a lot more handling pops and being Ajax-y than other implementations I have seen.  On the other, the result is a lot more edge cases and code.

The highlight of this update is the new changelog page where I will attempt to document all of the things that get broken.

After talking with Chris at the Graphing Social Patterns East conference, I am reconsidering another run at better and more interesting data dumps.  Chris was advocating introducing some custom rel tags.  I have avoided getting into the “creating standards” business, but, as a guy that seems to crank out a new standard every day, Chris was much more optimistic about the pending widespread adoption of the Cogstandard for modeling organizations.

He also thought I needed to incorporate uid stuff into my hcards and generally take advantage of the microformat marketing engine.  Not that many places make 50,000 hcards of data available to people!

As a guy that confessed on the panel he sat on that his internet consumption starts with ego-surfing, I am sure Chris will comment shortly with even more standards-based ideas.  He’s already debugging my other stuff, so that can’t be beat!

6 Responses to “Chris Messina forces shipment of Cogmap 2.1.4”

  1. Will Norris Says:

    You might also look at adding OpenID support to this blog. :)

  2. brent Says:

    K, it’s installed.

    I had put off installing it for forever because I kept thinking that what we are obviously supposed to do is integrate the Cogmap logins and the blog ID stuff. I confess to the criminality that it never got done, but every time I thought about coding, I just coded up another feature. This always ends up way down the list.

    So I continue to show love for OpenID in a desperate attempt to get the Vidoop team to show favor on this humble site!

  3. Chris Messina Says:

    Looks good dude!

    Still a little friction here:

    Hard to tell what the next step is after confirming one’s OpenID… maybe make the form a little easier to spot in order to complete the flow?

  4. Kevin Fox Says:


    I think your site is pretty neat. It is simple, to the point and OpenID enabled, good work!

    I am slightly frustrated at the moment because I made several changes/additions to the Vidoop chart here but then was unable to save them because I can not log in with OpenID and my changes now appear to be lost.

    I can successfully verify my OpenID (, but when I try to make an account, I enter my full name, and desired user name (kfox) then click ‘Join Now’ and am taken back to the home page ( No account is created or associated and I am unable to save any of the changes I have made. Please let me know if I can help troubleshoot further…

    As a quick note, I work for Vidoop and we run an OpenID provider ( which uses our image shield technology and allows for password-less authentication that is incredibly secure. We also have a password manager plugin which helps people manage all of their standard logins and passwords, since not every site supports OpenID yet :)

    For site operators (like Cogmap) we run an affiliate program at which gives you an easy way to refer members to myVidoop to get their OpenID account. Joining an affiliate program is a way for Cogmap to keep members from having to wade through all the providers on the OpenID wiki and possibly getting stuck with an unreliable provider.

    The affiliate link can go anywhere and is very unobtrusive, here is an example of what it could look like:

    We also integrated the ID Selector into our affiliate program so you can create your own ID Selector from within our affiliate site. You can see what Twitterfeed has done with this here:

    Hope this helps, sorry for the tome.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. brent Says:

    I believe if you register now, all of your changes should magically appear in the map.

    No shortage of bugs in the Cogmap OpenID implementation, it would seem. Another wave of patches just went in.

    Was that comment kind of a spammy ad or was it me? But you did point out a valid bug, so props and much love! Your ad gets shown!

  6. Kevin Fox Says:

    It kind of walked along the line… thanks for approving it, glad to help :)