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An Event Apart – Boston

I am in Boston at An Event Apart today and tomorrow.

In Boston? Want to hang out? Email me pronto!

Regardless, this is great stuff for thinking about some of the problems of the Internet, although I have to admit this is a different crowd for me. It has been weeks since I attended a conference (I attended EconAds, Advertising 2.0, Graphing Social Patterns, and WebWidgetExpo in the last month) that didn’t kick off with “There are our Flickr tags, this is our twitter hashtag”. This is, for all of the roll-up-sleeves of the event, a slightly less geeky crowd in that respect.

It is also interesting because it is a rare event where I tolerate people talking for an hour and a half. However, because this is a series of deep dive presentations, it is working so far.

Jason Santa Maria with a great presentation on design completely outside my comfort zone. But it did make me think about something he didn’t directly mention but is correlated: Every web site starts with what is essentially a table of contents. How many people navigate magazines using the table of contents? Some. Not many. The New York Times doesn’t lead with a list of articles and authors.

SEO wants tables of contents. This is tension.

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