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comScore defends present when future is threatened

Comscore vs adplanner

ComScore has gone to a lot of trouble to demonstrate that their data is better than Google’s AdPlanner.

What comScore misses is that they are falling into the classic Innovator’s Dilemma here. Yeah, Google’s data is bad now, but what about 6 months from now. What about a year from now. When does it become “good enough” for 10% of comScore’s customers? 50%?

Everyone hates comScore. They overcharge for their data, prevent people from looking at custom slices, and service is just ok. A free competitor that gets close will devastate their business. They claim they are safe because their data is better, but we all know that it is wrong too, just less wrong. If comScore is 90% correct and Google is 75% correct, comScore does not have a sustainable business. That’s a fact. Also, as you approach 100%, it gets harder to gain a point of accuracy – i.e. it is harder to go from 99% correct to 100% correct than it is to go from 50% correct to 51% correct. Google will catch up quickly. What innovations will comScore bring that will increase the value of the product? They will have to be pretty exciting because Google is going to take the low end of this market away incrementally and if comScore is not delivering huge value above and beyond this simple accurate data, they will find themselves without enough customers to have a valid business.

Search my wordpress archives for all my Innovator’s Dilemma posts. I am too busy to find them all and get the links flowing today.

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