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Cogmap is looking for a few good testimonials (Awesome prizes!)

I have been thinking it would be great if I went back and pulled some of our enthusiastic emails, but then I thought, “Why not make it a blog post! There have been too few of late!” So lo, there was a blog and a post was posted upon it. Prizes were found!

We are looking for some sweet testimonials to help prop up our guerilla marketing activities. In the comments below, give me your best stuff.

Here is what we need:

  • A good two sentences praising or despising the product, however you are feeling.
  • Your name/Company
  • A URL if you want us to link to it

Remember how success stories sound: “Before we had a terrible problem, but then we used Cogmap and now we are happy.” Keep it lively and active, keep it fun, and details make it better. Facts & Figures > *.

The most awesome testimonial will get a “Cogmug” and some stickers in the mail!

Thanks for the support!

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