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I Heart Behavioral Targeting

Always appreciate it when someone takes me up on an offer and the result was that I had a super fun dinner last night with Greg (one of my favorite bloggers), Emmy, and Azeem.

Greg let me rant and rave most of the night about behavioral targeting and I came out of it thinking, “that was only helpful to Greg if he wanted to feel like that was never going to work.”  I spent some time after that, as Emmy would have said, “trying to think about something nice”, and I had a few realizations:

  • It is very hard to understand the value of behaviors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value.  Personally (i.e. my gut instinct), I would rather show ads to someone that I know visits finance sites every day, regardless of where they are at that moment, than someone that is on a finance site right now.  So a behavior that shows consistent interest + random current inventory > expensive inventory without a guarantee of true interest in a subject.
  • Great optimization, the best thing an advertiser could possibly have online, can theoretically happen two ways: Awesome algorithms; or OK algorithms combines with awesome data.  This is well-known.  So advertisers want what behavioral data exchanges are selling.  That has to be good!

Greg can also now testify to the awesomeness of Cogschwag, so enter my contests and win some prizes already.

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