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1,000 Private Charts!

We launched private charts less than 200 days ago and have seen more than 1,000 private charts created.

Go Cogmunity!

(I frequently wonder if that word should have one or two “m”‘s.)

Watching the growth of private maps made me wonder: Is it growing faster than public maps when we launched Cogmap?

To answer that question, we cranked out a graph:

chart of growth

We can see a couple of interesting conclusions.  You can see the powerful growth in public charts thanks to the fantastic press that Cogmap launched with.  You can also see that our efforts to generate press around our free private maps was a dud.  Bleh.  You can also see a bump where we hit the home page of Delicious for no apparent reason other than the fact that Cogmap is cool!

Even given these phenomenal traffic bumps, private charts have kept pace!

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