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New map type: “restricted editing” charts

We are pleased to announce a great new innovation in public organization charting: “restricted editing” charts (or “read-only” charts). These combine the best (and worst) of our public and private mapping options. Like our public maps, they can be seen by anyone. Like our private maps, editing is controlled via access control lists. So once you create a restricted editing map, only you and people you designate will be able to edit and update the map (although anyone can leave comments).

The best use case for a chart of this nature would be companies that want to publish their organization charts to do so without fear of the chart being tampered with.

I do want to temper my enthusiasm and indicate that, despite the fact that this was an oft-requested feature, I am not a huge fan of this map type. We have very, very little malicious map editing here at Cogmap and many good contributions to maps every day. Maintaining access control lists can be burdensome and we do worry that charts will become stale.

With that in mind, we are reserving the right to consider implementing a rule like, “If a map is unedited for more than a year, we will convert it from restricted editing to public”. It would have to be a pretty small company to not have any changes in a year. If you think you are that small, then I can tell you there is almost no chance that your map would be maliciously edited if it were public.

We are also thinking about allowing people to edit these maps but make it easy for an administrator to roll back edits.  That would allow charts that have been abandoned by an administrator to remain living charts and evolve appropriately.

This release was coded somewhat haphazardly (it just suddenly seemed pretty easy to do, so we just whipped it out), so if you encounter any weirdness, don’t hesitate to dash off an email to us. I am sure a few things slipped through our fingers since a change like this impacts many different parts of the code base. As always, we figured you would enjoy having it now rather than waiting a few weeks for us to feel really, really good about the release.

Also, we need a better name for these charts. Would love your feedback on this via either email or in the comments. If you give us a name we use, we will hook you up with some schwag!

3 Responses to “New map type: “restricted editing” charts”

  1. Steve Goodman Says:

    Hi Brent,
    It was fun meeting you at ignite baltimore last night. You convinced me to create a two tier map :)

    I tried to create this as restricted editing chart on the first go, but when I entered the chart name, chose the restricted editing radio button, and hit the submit button, I got a 404 error. It happened several times, so I created my map as public. I’m using Firefox 3.0.3.

    Anyway, thanks for the cool service. I’m looking forward to more ad knowledge on the blog. Keep em coming, and you’ll have at least one dedicated commenter.

  2. brent Says:

    Sweet! I love a dedicated commenter. All I need is 100 of you and I will have awesome community.

  3. Steve Goodman Says: