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News Loves A Good Sound Bite

The local news crew has locked on to the newest Facebook sound bite:

“We are the 6th biggest country in the world!”

To wit:

So I was thinking, what soundbites could I produce for the media that feed on this particularly meme?  Here are a few:

  • Google is twice as big as the United States – you would think that would be good for the stock price.
  • AOL is the 4th largest country!
  • Twitter is one of the 100 largest countries in the world!
  • Cogmap would be one of the 200 largest countries in the world!
  • The recent “Conficker” virus attack would make Conficker the 90th largest country in the world!  Clearly a plot!
  • Bebo is bigger than Iraq and twice as hard to withdraw from!
  • Apple would be the 7th largest country!
  • Wikipedia is almost, but not quite, bigger than the United States.

Last but not least:

  • Microsoft Windows is the biggest country in the world!

To compare services to countries is preposterous.  Lots of people have diverse constituencies.

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