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Google Lacks Implementation of Marissa’s Vision

A recent article in the New York Times included an extensive interview with Marissa Mayer about Google’s UI best practices.  After reading it, I promptly thought about BidPlaceSB and how effectively we had incorporated her thoughts.  I saw a number of areas where we had not taken her advice and decided to study what they had done in similar situations on the AdSense home page.

Studying the AdSense home page instantly makes you realize that it violates almost every rule that Marissa indicates she values when it comes to the Google voice and usability.


  1. No italics: Italics under each image are used to define terms.  There are more below the fold that you don’t see in this picture, but “keywords” is italicized here.
  2. Never use first or second person pronouns: You and Your are used extensively here.  Our is used to refer to Google several times – Marissa specifically indicates that you should always say Google instead of using words like “We”.

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