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Facebook Licenses Data To Lotame According To MediaPost: FAIL

welcome-to-facebook-facebook_1241699047330Today’s MediaPost covers anannouncement by Lotame with an article titled: “Lotame Mines Social Data From Facebook To Target Ads“.  In the article, they lead with:

Imagine the insight that ad agencies and publishers could gain to target consumers if they knew the exact type of person who signed into Facebook at 8 a.m. each day to update his profile and then went to The New York Times to read the news.


Lotame has released a feature in Crowd Control, dubbed Stadium, that it believes will give advertisers and publishers insight into human behavior through social media data from sites like Facebook and others to help target ads. The application has been under development for two years.

The article even ends with an analysis of how fast Facebook is growing.

But the actual Lotame sound bites don’t mention Facebook.  This sounds very different and I suspect that the reporter somehow ran with an example and turned it into an angle that doesn’t even exist.

If Lotame was licensing Facebook behaviors, that is HUGE.  Enormous pool of granular, valuable, US interest data.

Who cares about their new product, they just announced a relationship with Facebook!

I took a cursory look at Facebook and unlike Bebo, a known Lotame partner, there appears to be no Lotame tag.  As a guy who has licensed a fair amount of behavioral data in my time, I would be shocked if Lotame were able to license Facebook data.

Two lessons here:

  • Lotame PR management must have blown it.  Even to mention Facebook as an example here implies something unfairly to reporters.  Someone has to catch that.
  • The reporter was in a hurry and not too experienced in covering this particular nuance of the online advertising market.  Lotame was trying to push a product line extension and it turned into a Facebook data licensing deal headline.  If that were really the case, trust me, Lotame would have been pushing that.

I could be wrong here, but it would be a huge story.  Frankly, I would be pleased as punch for Andy, who is a great guy and deserves to exit for $1 billion.  Go Andy!

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