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achicarimgI was a huge fan for about 8 months.  I no longer am.  Why?

  1. They slowly stopped updating the site.
  2. They shut the site down.

That is kind of a deal-killer, right?

CNet acquired sportsgamer in June of 2007 and paid $1-5 million for it.

Since the acquisition, traffic was up and down:


So what happened here.  First, traffic is seasonal.  Most of the web site is Madden tips, which is a seasonal business.  You can see the traffic spikes representing this seasonality.  Second, they stopped investing in the business.  Updates were slower after the beginning of the 2008 season and slowly trailed off.  Without new tips, traffic stalled.  Eventually, in February of 2009, they shut the site down.

One Response to “Missing”

  1. Brent Says:

    I loved this site, it was so well done. Too bad it was shut down.