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Why Do You Hate Me So Much?

My blog gets very little traffic.  I have 66 subscribers today and I get about 60 page views per day.

What do I do wrong?  I feel like my posts are actually fairly meaty deep dives on topics that some people find of interest, yet there is minimal reaction unless I name-drop and someone has google alerts for their name set up.  We need a more active blogmunity given the frankness of the posts.

Let’s do a poll that 3 people will answer and skew the data:

Why does no one read my blog?

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11 Responses to “Why Do You Hate Me So Much?”

  1. Rob Beeler Says:

    Can’t really say why you have low traffic – I’m just discovering your site and like what I see.

  2. John Ebbert Says:

    I read you and appreciate the deep dives! Don’t give up the ship.


  3. Jennifer Simmons Says:

    I just found out about you thru Google search for a class that I’m taking. I found this very helpful and shared it with my group. I will also share the site with my former sales group tomm. Don’t give up. :-)

  4. anon Says:

    I found one of your blog posts from another blog (I think – i hit a bunch of blogs in a short period of time so i dont recall specifically). Excellent stuff you write about. My interest is in the online advertising related stuff.

    Do you use trackbacks to mention other blogs? Those blog owners may check out your blog and then reciprocate by mentioning yours in one of their articles. Some do simply to repay the favor of your acknowledgement of them in your blog. Looking at other blogs is also a great way to come up with ideas for posts. Or you can write a post and then look for other blogs that have mentioned something about the same topic, good or bad, and then mention them with a link and a trackback.

    Make sure that your blog has “do follow” links (as opposed to “nofollow” links), which will get more attention from other sites. You’ll also have to manage the increased comment spam, but there are plug-ins that can help a lot with this. And maybe a little comment spam would let you know that more people are finding your blog.

    Bottom line is you need more links to your blog. It will give you some traffic, but perhaps more importantly, google will rank your pages more highly, particularly if you get blogs with high PR to link to you.

    Add links to other related blogs in your blogroll, or ask them for a reciprocal link. Pick a tight list of closely related blogs for this.

    I also think you should change the name to more accurately reflect what you’re writing about. It’s kinda misleading. You could call it something like “The Deep Dive: Adventures in analyzing data for Org Wikis and Online Advertising” or some such. Gotta make it pop. CogMap is probably ok as it is. The Cognitive Map of the Deep Dive or something.

  5. Brian O'Kelley Says:

    Great blog, just discovered it today. Will try to get the word out!

  6. Martin Kelly Says:

    Funnily enough I only discovered your blog yesterday as well. It’s great stuff for the exchange/network community but totally incongruous with the site.

    I’ve just put your numbers up to 67.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. zanlok Says:

    I like your tone man. Problem is there’s only so much time for reading, and you’ve got to be better than the competition. Now that I found you, you can count me in for around 1 skim a month, though.. and that’s way better than I give most people. Keep it up!

  8. Cogblog » Blog Archive » Blogging Frequently: Sticky or Spam? Says:

    […] The key question, as I endeavor to bring fresh new “contextual diarrhea” to this blog more frequently, is: Does freshness matter?  This is a fresh take on my most popular blog post of all time: “Why Do You Hate Me So Much?” […]

  9. Wendy Holmes Says:

    Totally understand where you’re coming from. At some point, all writers need validation that what they are writing is worth the effort and that someone actual reads it.

    From what I see, your post are well-written and educational. Keep up the work.


  10. Paul Wright Says:

    This is a good site – I picked up from a Linkedin post..keep it up

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