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Vampire Novels Are The New Chick Lit


My wife and I were discussing how Twilight is the Bridget Jones Diary of 2009.  Then I thought, we should make that data driven.

So I trotted over to Amazon to get the data on books about vampires and their publication date.

Alas, Amazon told me that there were more than 64,000 books about vampires, but they only show the first 1,800 results.  When sorted by publication date, the first 1,800 results broke down like this:

  • 47 books being published in 2010
  • 992 books published in 2H09
  • 761 books published between June 23, 2009 and the end of the 1st half of 2009.

Hmmm, that was great, but ultimately unsatisfying.  Fortunately, Amazon suggested I look at books about “vampire romance”, which sounded great.

Here was what I found for the results it would give me (first 1,200):


Definitely more vampire romance novels.  Even the 2H09 (not yet half over) and 1H10 (still months away), seem filled with vampire action.

I recognize this data has problems:

  • It could be that Amazon is only stocking the latest books, reducing earlier available vampire books
  • There is a lot of random stuff in this collection of books, not every amazon book was relevant

Anyway, it was fun to look at for a second and the basic directionality is probably accurate.

I was going to compare this to the Bridget Jones chick-lit flurry of books, but with the limits on what Amazon will give me, this seemed not particularly fruitful.

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