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Universal Theory of Wide Receivers Are Jerks

terrell-owens_featureOne theory I share with people frequently is my universal theory of wide receivers are jerks.  Let me talk football for just a second and share this with you.

Maybe you have noticed, but #1 wide receivers in the NFL are basically a bunch of jerks:

  • Randy Moss
  • Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson
  • Terrell Owens
  • Brandon Marshall
  • Plaxico Burress
  • Braylon Edwards
  • Steve Smith

The list goes on.  Why are they such a bunch of jerks?  I will tell you know, there is basically no way to avoid it.  My theory works something like this:

  • Pro-Bowl caliber #1 Wide Receivers are frequently the best athlete on the team.  They are in amazing shape.  Strong to fight off cornerbacks, blazing fast, usually tall, great leaping ability, amazing hand-eye coordination.
  • The typical NFL team hands the ball to a running back 20+ times per game.
  • The typical NFL team throws the ball around 35 times a game.
  • During those 35 throws, the opposing team frequently focuses on defending the Pro-Bowl caliber #1 Wide Receiver, resulting in a relatively even distribution of throws: So maybe 10 throws per game go to the Wide Receiver in question.
  • Of those throws, maybe 7 or 8 are catch-able, resulting in 6 or 7 receptions.  The same typically holds true for the #2 Wide Receiver and TE, who each have 4 to 7 catches in the game.

The result is that a #1 Wide Receiver looks around after the game and says, “Wait a sec, I am better than that Running Back and he got the ball 25 times tonight.  I got it 6 times!  I am way better than that other receiver and I only got the ball one more time than he did.  That is crazy.  I need to get the ball more.  A lot more!

Bottom-line, he will never get the ball as much as he deserves.  It simply isn’t possible to get it in a receivers hands 18+ times per game, even if he deserves it.  The result is that the team and the receiver are actually, at some level, legitimately being short-changed.  Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about it in a modern NFL offense.

Typically, a pro-bowl all-world wide receiver like the people mentioned above have felt like this for years: 4 years of college, several years of the pro’s before becoming all-world when they still felt better than their team peer group.  So they have been getting fewer touches than they deserve for YEARS.  So they eventually act out.

Inevitably, your awesome #1 Wide Receiver will probably become a jerk.

One Response to “Universal Theory of Wide Receivers Are Jerks”

  1. Rob Wilkerson Says:

    If I recall correctly, Minnesota actually made a point of trying to do this not so many years ago. I believe they called it the “Randy Ratio” and it worked, well, not at all.