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Complaining About Comments Yields Comments

22320000_fb685d1750Ever since my “Why Does Everyone Hate Me” Post, my site has gotten more comments.

Not all of them have been here, many have been via my cross-posting to Facebook, but it has made me feel goo-ier.

Here is the chart:


Of course, this does not include Facebook comments, which is where most of the comments have been, and if you look, it really reflects the Lookery discussion (easiest way to get comments on your blog: Talk about Scott Rafer and he will find your blog and comment), the love I got from AdExchanger, and the actual post about how no one wants to post.

Regardless, I think it drove my friends to want me to be happier, which is nice.  Thanks friends!  Amazingly, I didn’t get any comments on articles I thought were awesome.  In a tribute to awesome, here are some of my best posts that maybe you should click and read:

I have also made some interesting, albeit unrecognized news and technology breakthroughs:

3917737704_06419cbfacPat me on the back!  Oh wait, there is no room because my hands are so big and patting so furiously.


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