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Silicon Alley Insider is not news, it is US Weekly for the Web

Nicholas Carlson

Nicholas Carlson

And its RSS feeds suck.  And they do it on purpose.

It is a shame that no one else so religiously covers the bureaucratic bullshit of AOL, because I hate people that waste my time and SAI loves to do just that.  Let us look at a recent article.

Here is what was in my RSS feed this AM:

Zynga Discloses Revenues!

from Alley Insider by Nicholas Carlson

Ever since the spring, reports have pegged profitable social games maker Zynga with all sorts of 2009 revenues — from $100 million to $200 million.

This morning, the startup finally disclosed some revenue figures itself.

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I hate that they make me click-through when I am typically in a hurry chugging news, but I suppose they deserve a little ad revenue, so I do.  Then, what to my eyes should appear, but here is the rest of the article:

Sort of.

Zynga announced today that, selling special virtual goods in its FarmVille game

over the past three weeks, it raised $427,000 for children in Haiti.


So OK, Zynga hasn’t helped us figure out whether their revenues are $100 million, $150 million, or $200 million with this announcement.

This is not journalism, it is a transparent attempt to generate page views.

What is up, Nicholas Carlson?  Is the payment scheme by post so you make up shit like this?  Or is it pay by page view like when you were at Valleywag, so you come up with sensationalistic titles and RSS feeds to drive views?

I think generating page views like this is going to turn around and bite them in the butt.  One of the things that Tim Armstrong has done right at AOL is stop trying to “amass page views” and instead, focus on the quality of those page views.  Lots of low RPM views, like the incessant slide shows, are unlikely to take SAI where they want to go.

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