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Journalism Is Not Bad Because It Is Occasionally Wrong


Henry Blodget was complaining on Alley Insider about how people that liked old journalism cry too much.

As evidence that things are fine, he says:

“Journalism” is alive and well, as evidenced by the still-robust health of companies like Bloomberg and Reuters, the survival of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other great news organizations, the hyper-growth of online news and commentary sites, and the rise of social media.”

The Wall Street Journal might investigate the next Watergate, assuming Murdoch was OK with that, but to imply that the NYT is proof that journalism is safe is crazy.

The New York Times is falling apart!  Bloomberg and Reuters do very little long term investigative journalism and, as we discussed, the others do none whatsoever.

He further expounds:

For every horror story about how awful and un-accountable this new world is going to be, moreover, there are dozens of examples of uncovered sleaze, unfairness, and hypocrisy that never would have been reported in the old mainstream media world.

Doesn’t dejustify real reporting.  Just saying!

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