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Help Me Abandon Alley Insider

I have had it with the signal to noise ratio of Alley Insider.  When I skim their RSS feed, they do three things wrong:

  1. I am uninterested in most of the stuff they talk about
  2. Some portion of the titles that interest me are bald-faced lies
  3. I have to click through every time because they don’t publish the complete article text

On the other hand, they do a few things well:

  1. They cover most of the news I need.  I assume that if they talked about less stuff, they might miss things I need.
  2. They publish AOL news like it is going out of style.

Regardless, I am ready to try something new.  Is there a better web site?  Should I simply use an aggregator like TechMeme?  Should I get all my news from Twitter?  (If so, I am following the wrong people)  Help me pick:

What is the best source for news about the Internet (particularly online advertising) industry?

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2 Responses to “Help Me Abandon Alley Insider”

  1. james Says:

    The one blog I dislike more than Alley Insider (which I read for the AOL coverage more than anything) is Mashable. I finally pulled them from my RSS feed after they proved through about 10 articles in a row that they don’t understand correlation and causation (see various articles about how social media made something successful without any real evidence). Or they just make up stories where there are none (such as the “huge” boycott of Whole Foods – I’m sure Whole Foods was terrified of ~30,000 facebook users [at the time they published the article] claiming they would boycott Whole Foods).

  2. Greg Says:

    I’ve found that the entertaining bits of SAI, like that recent Right Media article, get through to me indirectly – if it’s worth paying attention to, it’ll find you somehow. Right now my only must-read for online advertising startup news is