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Blogging Frequently: Sticky or Spam?

Blog Posts by MonthSo this sweet graph is the number of posts by month that have gotten cranked out on this blog.  Fairly consistent, in the big scheme of things.  You can see when I stopped blogging to write “Football Coach” and you can see the burst in blog posts around the launch of Private Charts and the Cogmap APIs.  Outside of that, the steady cranking out of 7-10 blog posts per month has been the historic pace.  I am trying to pick up speed, as is evident in November 2009, where we are not even at the halfway mark and we have 6 posts.

The key question, as I endeavor to bring fresh new “contextual diarrhea” to this blog more frequently, is: Does freshness matter?  This is a fresh take on my most popular blog post of all time: “Why Do You Hate Me So Much?

Does my huge reader community want more commentary?  Less but meatier?  More of the kind of talk that angers AOL?  Is about org charts?  Is about ad exchanges?

Everyone says that posting frequency is a key consideration for building blog communities.  Do you think it matters?  When we look at my first poll, the conclusion was that my marketing is poor and the Cogmap site is the wrong place to do it.  That implies that my content is great, but then, you are my loyal readers, so maybe I am asking the wrong people.

Anyway, to drive the point home, I am bringing my third poll to the community.  Hopefully this will drive results more like the first poll (Why Do You Hate Me) and less like my second poll (“Help Me Replace Alley Insider“), which only garnered one response.

Remember, your response helps determine how frequently I blog!  Vote like your vote matters.  Remember, no one reads this blog!  It only takes a few votes to really swing things.

How many posts would you like to see from me?

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2 Responses to “Blogging Frequently: Sticky or Spam?”

  1. John Says:

    Post more! More!

  2. Sami Linnanvuo Says:

    I’m one of those who wants to read every post from the blogs that I follow and therefore tend to unsubscribe those that are flooding my reader. Less is more when it comes to blogging imho – quality over quantity. I voted once a week.