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Why Do Ad Creation Tools Build Ad Networks & Self-Service Platforms?

I have noticed recently that tons of people that have built interesting tools to help people create ads: ClearSpring, AdReady, PaperG, and Jivox among others, for some reason spun that into creating ad platforms of some sort.  That made me wonder:


Those are actually pretty different core competencies and there is a lot to do when it comes to building great creative building tools.  Are there not opportunities to license this technology?  Is anyone so extraordinarily focused on solving this problem that they don’t think about anything else?  When I look at what AdReady built several years ago, it has not really evolved.  Is “good enough” acceptable?  Why can’t anyone focus on being best-of-breed in a few key areas any more?  It seems like that would be a good idea.

Maybe the market is not good enough.  People like Sprout, KickApps, and Gigya that started out in this space have since moved on to other things.  But Pointroll got rich and sold out doing this.  Medialets started out as a network and has actually decided to focus just on making great creatives.

The approach of people that want to do a lot of things and have this as a “differentiator”, but not the absolute focus of their business sound like people that are unlikely to win.  Focus, focus, focus.  EOM.

2 Responses to “Why Do Ad Creation Tools Build Ad Networks & Self-Service Platforms?”

  1. David Barkoe Says:

    Thanks for the mention of Medialets, but actually Medialets has never been a network. We have always been a rich media ad platform for mobile, providing publishers and advertisers with the technology and services (including creative development) necessary to effectively address the opportunities and challenges of mobile advertising.

  2. Charles Letchwell Says:

    uh, yes Medialets was too an ad network at one point, maybe before you joined.

    Anyway, I wish everyone would stop focusing on “richer” ads. Advertising should remain as traditional as possible and focus on maximizing clicks per banner (C/B). Learn more at