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What Defines Online Advertising Dominance Fashion?

Several years ago, I read a great article about Outkast and one of the things that I read and have never forgotten was about how Andre 3000 dressed.  For many years, he dressed like a fairly normal rapper and then as time went on, his approach to fashion got further and further out towards what we will call “THE EDGE”.

When he was asked about it, he said, “I wanted to look more like the music”.  I loved that.  Here is a guy committed to his craft.  Complete immersion.

Andre 3000 is now thought of as one of the most fashion forward, progressive dressers in the universe.

This led me to wonder, “Should this be impacting my life?”  What is “Looking like the music in online advertising”?

There are several things that we are aware of that we will call “1.0”

  • Classic nerd.  Think “Revenge of the Nerd”  Characterized by thick rimmed glasses, short sleeve button downs and pocket protectors.  Ironically, Urkel and Andre 3000 appear to share some fashion concepts.
  • The Silicon Valley Uniform: blue shirt and khakis.  Or, as Kara Swisher described it, “khaki-oxford-jacket Internet uniform 101”
  • Ironic t-shirts.  A nerd staple.  A good ironic t-shirt is sure to demonstrate something to someone.

Let’s assume that what has come before will not be the future.  How do you dress like the future of online advertising?

Not my most coherent post, but getting a burning question off my chest.  Let’s figure this out.  Have you thought about how you can bring “dressing like the music” to your industry?  I think about it from time to time.  I suspect Raybans are involved.

Leave your comments.

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  1. Cammy Fones Says:

    i know it can be a busy thing running a blog, but your posts are great! i will make sure to come back in the future so i can read more into your world!