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Yay, I am on AdExchanger Today

John’s little center of the quant advertising universe, AdExchanger, saw fit to run an article about an infographic I invented for no reason. Wooooot!

Jerry Neumann, the best angel investor in online advertising start-ups in NYC, did a great post where he created a third party data set around companies discussed in AdExchanger. He mentioned in the comments that he would make the data set available to anyone who wanted it so I leapt at the chance.

When I started fooling around with the data set, my first couple of hypotheses ended up being uninteresting, but then I started to think about Jerry’s comments on the relationships between VCs and I thought, “One could use a data set like this to model some of the relationships in the space. VCs that share an investment are probably tighter than those that aren’t. This allows you to take the space apart a little bit.

Kind of interesting. Kind of not. Don’t think that I don’t know that this infographic is not earth-shattering, it was simply easy to do, so I did it.

Also, Jerry has already forewarned us that he has gotten tons of emails since then from investors complaining that they weren’t represented. Clearly their PR guy needs to work on AdExchanger a little more! The data set is what it is. Is it flawed? Sure. Most third-party data is. I don’t think anyone has the time or inclination to build a better set. If this interests you and you have time or money, let me know.

Huge props to Smart Logic Solutions, which I shanghai’d into actually doing the design work.

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